Management Assistance
Management Assistance:

The traditional role of the manager is changing and it is often uneconomic for clients to employ full time in-house specialist skills.

Beacondawn BDA works alongside your staff promoting innovation and best practice. Our work is bespoke, planned and performed to meet your requirements. Not dusty abstract concepts but proven theory pragmatically applied.

  • corporate restructuring and relocation
  • competitor assessment and price positioning
  • corporate policy and standard setting
  • debt financing and cash management
  • financial appraisal and interpretative forecasting
  • forecasting and market investigation
  • information and computing strategies
  • investment and asset usage advisory services
  • management courses for non-financial personnel
  • market research and product testing
  • performance benchmarking
  • profit improvement planning
  • sales promotion and incentive schemes
  • turnaround management
Beacondawn BDA keeps you abreast of current thinking